About us

Founded in 1992, Ad'hoc Research is a full-service research firm that uses tailored methods to conduct research and fieldwork in France and internationally.

Its sector-specific teams are experts in qualitative and quantitative methodologies, whether we are collecting information face-to-face, by telephone or online.

Our way of working is to provide innovative survey methods, high-tech analysis and create a relationship based on trust to achieve our goal: supply truly meaningful information to our clients.

Our teams are organised in four sector-specific units:








Public Transport

Industrial & B2B Services

…and can draw on cross-sector methodological know-how and a data-collection and processing infrastructure in France and around the globe.

Internationale organisation

We operate in all European countries, the USA, Russia and China through a network of partners and outsourced staff.


Through myjob.adhocresearch.com, our research networking extranet, we are constantly building up our skills base in France and abroad so that we can offer our clients ever more expertise, innovation and cost efficiency.


Ad'hoc Research has been a member of the ESOMAR association since 1992. All of the services we provide abide by the association's code of practice.