Our commitments

to the choice of methods and our recommendations.


Guarantee the accuracy of our measurements, observations and analyses.


Provide our clients with the greatest degree of transparency possible at each step of the research building process


Constantly innovate in the methods used to collect, process and analyse data, making consumer insight the guiding principle behind our methods.




- Tailor proposals to address the specific problem, rather than making the problem fit existing survey solutions.

- Offer data-collection methods that address both the particular issue and the requisite accuracy.


Field organisation

Ongoing search for technologies that provide greater accuracy, rapidity and cost efficiency.

- Real-time access to field reports

- Human resources are recruited, trained and systematically appraised

- The field forces are specialised by survey method and sector

- Data-collection tools use the latest web, telephone and video technologies


International management

- Staff and partners in every country through our global skills network - myjob.adhocresearch.com

- Strong international culture backed up by bilingual project managers

- Systematic provision of a resume for all project staff members or partners.


Project management

- The project manager is an expert in the particular method and sector involved and is the client's designated contact person. The project manager organises, coordinates and supervises the various team members: field managers, analysts and experts. He or she ensures consistency in the methods used and writes the executive summaries and recommendations

- Production processes guarantee accuracy and respect for deadlines

- Reliable management is written into each project team. Each one of our research proposals contains details of the project team, including the role, profile and experience of the subject area for each Ad'hoc staff member.