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Working for Ad'hoc Research

wide variety of profiles and complementary skill sets are the keys to success. It is by drawing on all of our skills and uniting them behind a common goal that each one of us can develop and the business can achieve its purposes.

Ad'hoc Research gives its teams the opportunity to constantly develop their work skills in a dynamic and innovative environment.

If you're interested in joining our teams, reply to our job posts or submit an online application on our research network, myjob.adhocresearch, which is designed for marketing research professionals in France and abroad.

Recruitment process

Whatever the position, a strict procedure ensures that all the conditions are met for a successful recruitment :


* Send us your resume and covering letter by e-mail or through our website.


* Within one week, you will receive an e-mail confirmation that we have received your application.


* If your profile is short-listed, you will be invited to attend one or two interviews with an operations manager and a representative from human resources.


* You will do a series of technical and behavioural tests.


* If your application is successful, you will be given guidelines to help organise your first steps.


The aim of these guidelines is to clarify and organise the induction phase for new employees.

The guidelines cover the social, technical and production aspects.


They are set out in an induction handbook, which will be given to you when you start your new job.


A mentor will also be available to answer any questions you may have in the early stages.


Your manager will gradually introduce you to the business, its vision, its main players and its in-house tools.

Our values


Client satisfaction


Respect for interviewees


Integrity in measurements and observation




Creativity & innovation


Independence & team spirit


Personal development


Job posts

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Joining our teams


Management & Analysis


nternships offers

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