Off & online qualitatives solutions

With their expert knowledge of qualitative methods and analyses, our teams help you conduct your research in France and internationally, tailoring methods to obtain the best insights.

Types of service



- Online focus group:

Synchronous group

- Bulletin board:
Asynchronous group

- Homework:
Diaries, photo/vidéo journal,...

- Focus group

- In-depth interview /
dyad / triad

- Projective group &
creative workshop

Visits in store and probing in focus group.

Human resources

- Recruiters and moderators specialized by target:
> Consumer
> Patient
> Professional
> Expert and Key opinion leader

- Analystes and experts in projectives and creatives qualitatives techniques:
> Psychosociologist
> Semiologist
> Persona analyst

Technical resources

- International network of facilities equipped with streaming solutions or the FocusVision® system

A web focus group and bulletin board solution capable of incorporating photos and videos prompts.

Project management



- Project manager:,
client contact person and team coordinator.

- Research executive

- Field manager

- Qualitative analysts

- Resources management: trains, assesses and checks the field force.

- Methods and processes: guarantees the organisation and the tools used, keeps up with technology.

- Research department: confirms the suitability of the chosen methods at the beginning of the project.

Quality process

Team management: recruitment, training, supervision and assessment

Systematic briefings, either in your presence or via monitoring.

Checking of the data collected and systematic access to the progress report, whatever the survey method,

Client access to the reporting module for all surveys.