Off & online quantitatives solutions

Our quantitative research solutions guarantee high quality in France and internationally, using innovative data collection, processing and analysis tools and experts at each stage of the survey process.

Types of service





- Online surveys carried out via our platform

- Centralised telephone survey



- Online surveys carried out on the client's site

- Home tests:
Tests carried out in the home, product placement, home-use tests


- Email surveys

- Hall-test:
Tests carried in facilities, with street intercept or pre-recruitment


- Web-based CATI services:
Decentralised telephone survey solution, multi-country platform (15 languages)

- "In situ" tests:
Carried out in sales outlets, on site, at events or shows.




- Factor analysis

- Correlation, linear regression and multiples analysis


- Variance and trade-off analysis

- Segmentation and typology


- Mapping

- Custom modelling

Human resources

- Our research networking extranet, enables us to draw on teams, both in France and internationally, that are specialised by methodology:


- Telephone interviewers
- Face-to-face interviewers
- Mystery shoppers
- Supervisors
- Coders

- Analysts and experts in quantitative techniques .

- Web programmers

Technical resources

- ASKIA® web-based solution for online surveys

- Access to an unlimited number of online users through our network of panellists and our ITZ RESEARCH™ platform

- CISCO® platform for decentralised management of international telephone surveys

- A network of research facilities in France and abroad

- Collection tools: CAWI, CAPI and PAPI

- Survey interfaces: Laptop, pocket PC, tablet PC, smartphone.

Project management



- Project manager:,
client contact person and team coordinator.

- Research executive

- Statistician

- Field manager

- Data-processing executive

- Resources management: trains, assesses and checks the field force.

- Methods and processes: guarantees the organisation and the tools used, keeps up with technology.

- Research department: confirms the suitability of the chosen methods at the beginning of the project.

Quality process

Team management: recruitment, training, supervision and assessment

Systematic briefings, either in your presence or via monitoring.

Checking of the data collected and systematic access to the progress report, whatever the survey method,

Client access to the reporting module for all surveys.