Healthcare Unit

Pôle HealthcareThe market for medicinal drugs is going through unprecedented and far-reaching changes. The balance is shifting between high added-value drugs on one hand, and generic and OTC drugs on the other. The authorities are pushing generic and OTC drugs; patients are becoming healthcare consumers… Some drugs are no longer reimbursed, patients are more and more demanding, the healthcare market is increasingly consumer-oriented…


Our Healthcare Division draws on the marketing expertise of our in-house teams, as well as technical input from healthcare professionals. We provide industry players (pharmaceutical, animal healthcare, cosmetic laboratories as well as health authorities) with innovative survey solutions to address marketing problems that hinge on understanding patients, pathologies and therapeutic practices.

Research fields

Medical professionals : 

- General practitioners & Specialists

- Pharmacists

- Vets

- Dentists

- Nurses/health care staff

- Paramedical professions


Professionals :

- Pharmaceutical rep. 

- Laboratory technicians & Directors.

Institutionals :

- Managing director of public/private hospital.

- Experts and Key opinion leaders.


Therapeutic areas of expertise:

- Anesthesia / Intensive Care
- Animal Health
- Cardiology
- Consumer Health / OTC
- Dermatology
- Devices and Medical Equipment
- Endocrinology / Diabetology
- Gynecology
- Hematology

- Immunology / Rare Diseases
- Infectious Diseases
- Nephrology
- Neurology / Psychiatry
- Nutrition
- Oncology
- Ophthalmology
- Pneumonology
- Prevention / Vaccination
- Rheumatology
- Urology

Dedicated solutions

CAGI™: Interactive concepts test, advertising pre-test , medical visitor guide

QUALICO™: In site purchase behaviour in drugstore.

Clients we work with

An international network of fieldwork expertise

A group of healthcare-professional experts

120 specialised interviewers

8 psycho-sociologists for qualitative research in the healthcare sector