Public Transport Unit

Pôle Public TransportNomadism and mobility are components of our behaviour that have never been so strong, so analysing travellers' journeys and expectations is of major importance for public transport systems.


Through its expertise in consumer behaviour patterns, and its observation and measurement tools, Ad'hoc Research helps government and decision-makers implement efficient transport plans.

Research fields


Specific research

- trip origin/destination surveys.

- Traffic surveys (counting on board or in station)

- fraud survey.

- Mobility research.


Satisfaction &
quality measurement research:

- Customer satisfaction tracking.

- non-customers survey.

- Call and mystery shopping.

- compliance measuring


ad hoc research :

- Price structure research.

- Service offer research.

- Behaviour travelers survey.

- Communication research.

Human resources

Nationwide presence:
- Project management and field teams to create an on-site unit.
- A network of 1,200 interviewers operating in over 100 cities throughout France.

A team of multilingual interviewers:
- Face-to-face, field or telephone interviewing (in English, German, Spanish, Italian, Dutch, Danish, Portuguese, Arabic languages and French)

Technical resources

- Web reporting for real-time tracking of your online, telephone or face-to-face surveys.

- Geomarketing and mapping.

- Digital counters, tablet PC, pocket PC, smartphone.

- ASKIA® web-based solution for online surveys.

- CATI platform and decentralised telephone solution.

Project Management

A dedicated project team for transport research:

- Methods coordinator:
ensure the methods used are valid.

- Project manager:
client contact person and team coordinator.

- Data-processing manager:
guarantees data accuracy.

- Statistics engineer:
analyses the data.

- Transport field manager:
supervises data collection.

- Resources Manager:
provides and trains interviewers

- Supervisors:
prepare and manage the fieldwork.

Clients we work with

Rigorous approach to fieldwork, methods and analysis

Relevance and cost efficiency

Hands-on approach:
Management unit on the survey site

insight into travelling patterns requires multivariate analyses from novel angles.

Transparent interviewing methods: online reporting for real-time survey tracking.

Operational overviews of results to provide decision and action tools.