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  • To gain in-depth understanding of your markets and your customers
  • To manage customer experience
  • To make your brands grow
  • To help you build and develop successful products and services

Market insight

We provide you with analyses that can help you understand your markets and potential customers

Customer experience

We examine and analyse the perception of all customers’ interactions with your company before, during, and after the purchase.

Brand experience

Our brand experience studies provide you with an analysis of your current and prospective customers’ emotions and perceptions towards your brand.

Product & Innovation

We assess the perception of your consumers, their rational and emotional reactions towards your products, services and innovations.

Do you have a research project in France or abroad,
B2C or B2B?

Our experts support you to collect, analyse and render your data by offering quantitative, qualitative and hybrid custom-made approaches and implementing online collection tools via panels or social networks, face-to-face or telephone.

Multi-channel collection

Data visualization

Reporting viewing plateform

KPIs tracking dashboard for longitudinal studies

Research better, faster,
with more insights

Authentic insights

Social network intercept

Gain access to the largest panel in the world and connect your brands with consumers via social networks.

Receive your results within a few hours instead of a few weeks.

Go beyond traditional consumer panels.

Use our experts to benefit from a holistic vision of insights.

billion active social networks users in the world

million French users


A panel encompassing almost 60 % of the world population

With a strong digital culture and extensive experience with quantitative and qualitative methodologies, our teams are able to conduct, process, and analyse your studies irrespective of the selected methodology with a primary goal : to provide you with information that makes sense and is operational, in order to help you make rational decisions.

For 30 years our team of expert research executives and research directors has been supporting advertisers in France and in over 80 countries.

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