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Understanding your markets’ evolution

Analysing the behaviour of your targets to serve your marketing strategy

As consumers are difficult to figure out, your expectations are manifold and tailor-made can sometimes be the solution, AD’HOC RESEARCH helps you implement an information escalation project fully adapted to your goals.

Our studies enable you to make informed decisions regarding product development, market positioning, pricing and communication..

Usage and attitude studies

Our U&A studies help you understand consumers’ behaviours, habits, opinions and attitudes towards a product, a brand or a specific market. Our studies also provide a detailed image of current and potential customers, their motivations, their preferences and their needs.

To enable you to develop products that meet consumers’ needs and preferences

To help brands position themselves on the market and fine-tune their communication strategy

To determine the most relevant market segments

To identify sales potential

Our studies offer flexibility and strong adaptability to your sector and your targets. They are tailor-made to meet your specific needs and provide you with precise and detailed information to enable you to make better informed strategic decisions.

Our – often hybrid – approach proposes an exploratory qualitative phase to allow for the implementation of a targeted and efficient quantitative study.

Potential studies

The goal is to anticipate the potential success of a new product or service or of a new establishment before its final launch.

Our approach is frequently threefold: documentary, quantitative and qualitative. The study provides concrete answers and recommendations regarding development areas to prioritise.

Shopper studies

We offer immersive studies in order to understand more and more complex behaviours. The QUALICO® SHOPPER EXPERIENCE™ method questions and observes the consumer in situ while they interact with the product or service offer.

We decipher the buying journey to provide insight into consumers’ decision-making processes.

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