Our qualitative studies solutions

As experts in qualitative methods and analyses, our teams help you conduct your studies in France and abroad by putting the search for the best insights at the heart of the choice of methodology.

Online or in-person focus groups with synchronous groups
Activity logs, such as diaries photo/video reporting
Projective groups and creative/design thinking workshops
Individual interviews, as well as dyads/triads
Bulletin boards: asynchronous groups
QUALICO™ method: visit at point of sale, followed by a more in-depth focus group discussion
Online or face-to-face hybrid quali/quanti approach

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Our quantitative studies solutions

Our quantitative studies solutions ensure high quality in France and abroad, by relying on innovative collection, processing and analysis tools as well as experts at every step of the realisation process.

Online studies deployed on our platform
Social Network Intercept studies
Homes tests: at-home tests, delivery of products, home use tests
Online studies via email, panellists
Web CATI: decentralised telephone survey solution, multipay platform
Hall-test: in-room tests with recruiting on the street or pre-recruiting
In situ tests: tests at points of sale, facilities, events or fairs

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Our social network intercept studies

Our online study management platform by contextual and behavioural targeting collects insights of consumers while they’re using social media.

Quality of targeting

Data reliability

Swiftness of results

The questionnaire

We offer you questionnaires that are suitable for social networks

Targeting and sampling

We give you access to target audiences according to a number of sociodemographic, interests and geographic criteria

Online reporting

You have access to the monitoring and results of your study in real time

Our experts commit

We support you at all stages of your project

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