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Measure the perception of your products

To assess consumers’ experience with your products, and identify opportunities for adopting your innovations.

Our product experience studies encompass all sensory, emotional and functional dimensions that contribute to the consumer’s overall experience with the product. The goal of our approach is to understand how consumers perceive and live this experience, in order to optimise the product’s design, positioning and communication.

As to the assessment of innovations, it focuses on understanding the consumer’s adoption and reception of an innovation. It aims to assess the perceived attractiveness, relevance and advantages of the innovation, as well as factors that may influence its adoption.

By combining these approaches, our solutions help you understand consumers’ expectations and preferences, assess their experience with the product, identify opportunities for improvement, define launching strategies and maximise consumers’ adoption and satisfaction.

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Our products experience & innovation studies

In a constantly evolving environment, the structure of the products’ portfolio must be regularly reassessed, which implies optimisations, abandonments and the launching of new products. Our studies help you at each step of the process.

UX and design thinking

A methodological approach centered around the user, that is creative and effective to enable the development of products and services that provide customers with genuine satisfaction and value.

Concept testing

From sketches, models, videos or functional prototypes – depending on the concept’s development stage – we analyse its perceived value and its capacity to stand out from the competition, so that you can make informed decisions on the continuation of development and adaptation.

Ideas screening

As a crucial step in the development process of products or services, our approach helps you select the most promising and viable ideas to challenge development teams while keeping risks to a minimum.

Pack testing

A methodology aimed at optimising the design of a pack. We assess its visual impact and its efficacy: recognition, relevance of the message and understanding, differentiation.

Price testing

An approach that focuses on the relative importance of each attribute of the product in the purchase decision, in order to understand how the demand for the product varies according to price evolution.

Product optimisation testing

Test aimed at assessing modifications or adjustments, and approach involving listening to customers in order to constantly improve products and maintain competitiveness on the market.

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