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UX and CX: understanding, measuring and improving are your key challenges

Studying customer experience is essential to understand customers’ expectations and needs, improve their satisfaction and increase loyalty, solve problems, stand out from the competition and optimise operational efficacy. Our customer experience studies aim at helping companies create positive and memorable experiences for their customers, thus fostering their long term success.

By combining various satisfaction indicators, analysing purchase journeys, and measuring the produced quality, our solutions enable you to obtain in-depth information on customers’ satisfaction, effort and loyalty, and to take appropriate measures to improve performance.

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KPIs of customer satisfaction

AD’HOC RESEARCH supports you occasionally or longitudinally to measure the key indicators of your performance.


Consumers’ experiences are complex – in order to measure the efficacy of your CX programme, it is important to assess the different components of your customers’ satisfaction.


The Customer Satisfaction Score is an indicator that measures customers’ overall satisfaction using a rating scale. The average score provided is an aggregated measure that makes it possible to compare different products and services over time.


The Net Promoter Score is an indicator of customers’ propensity to recommend the company, its products or services to other consumers. It measures the loyalty and engagement of customers towards the brand.


The Customer Effort Score assesses the effort perceived by customers when they interact with the company. It measures the easiness of use and the efficacy of the customer service process. It aims at identifying sticking points that could cause customer satisfaction or loyalty to drop.

CX: the Purchase Journey

Recognition of the need, search for information, comparison, decision/purchase, and post-purchase phase are all steps and opportunities for customers to interact with your category, your brand, your store and your facility, that purchase journeys can decipher to maintain and develop your position on the market.

We offer two approaches to study the purchase journey

Inlab approach

Inlab approach with qualitative in-depth and/or hybrid quali/quanti interview.

Immersive approach

Immersive approach with the QUALICO® SHOPPER EXPERIENCE™ method

Measuring of service quality

Quality monitoring

Whether it be measuring the inherent quality of the proposed services and thus their capacity to satisfy customers’ expressed or implicit needs, or measuring the engagement towards the objectified quality level of a service, our service quality monitoring tools will enable you to manage the attractiveness of your offer depending on your expectations and your customers’ expectations.

Our one-time or longitudinal studies provide you with key indicators via a dynamic dashboard.

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