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Who are we?

For 30 years we have been supporting companies and organisations in France and in over 80 countries.

With a strong digital culture and extensive experience with quantitative and qualitative methodologies, our teams are able to conduct, process, and analyse your studies irrespective of the selected methodology with a primary goal: to provide you with information that makes sense and is operational, in order to help you make rational decisions.

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Our values

Our clients can rely on our tenacity, the quality of our processes, et the talent of our teams.


Excellence is our motto, the commitment of our teams is complete to offer our clients an optimal experience.

Innovating every day, outperforming, making our processes more reliable and making our data more reliable are our priorities.


Respect towards our clients: we say what we do and we do what we say.

Respect towards our teams and partners, and respect towards diversity are genuine drivers for the quality of our services.


Innovating in study methodologies, bringing high technicity into our analysis and working transparently with our clients are not only the way we understand our profession, it is also our passion.

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Our Commitments

To commit

to the methodological choices and recommendations.

To ensure

the reliability of our assessments, observations and analysis.

To bring

the utmost transparency into our intervention methods.

To innovate

constantly in our collection, processing, analysis, etc. methods by making consumers insights the guideline for our methodologies.


– Proposals that are adapted to each issue rather than issues that we make fit our study solutions.
– Offering information collection modes that satisfy both the issue and the reliability.

International management

– Collaborators and partners present in each country via our skills network myjob.adhocresearch.com
– Bilingual project managers and strong international culture
– Systematic transmission of each participant’s, collaborator’s or partner’s profile.

Field organisation

Constant search for technologies that increase reliability, speed and budgetary efficiency.
– Access to field reporting in real time
– Recruited human resources that are systematically trained and assessed.
– Field teams that are specialised by methodology and intervention sector.
– Collection tools that use the latest web, telephone and video technology.

Project management

– A project manager, sole contact person, and methodological and sectoral expert. They organise, coordinate, and supervise the different players, field managers, analysts and experts. They ensure methodological consistency and draft executive summaries and recommendations.
– Production processes that garantee reliability and compliance with deadlines.
– Management back-up included in each project team. The project team is described in detail in each of our study proposals, including the role, profile and experience with the subject matter of each AD’HOC player.

Our references

CPG sectors

equipment and services


  • Food
  • Hygiene, beauty, fashion, luxury
  • Distribution
  • Institutional
  • Consumer and professional services
  • Equipment, maintenance and decoration of the home
  • Consumer IT, telecommunications and electronics
  • Industry, building & construction
  • Banking, finance, insurance


studied targets

  • Medical professionals – General practitioners and specialists
  • Pharmacists- Nurses/healthcare workers (in hospitals and private practises)
  • Hygiene, beauty, fashion
  • Veterinarians
  • Dentists
  • Paramedical professionals
  • Medical sales representatives
  • Laboratory technicians, directors
  • Institutional
  • Hospital/clinic directors
  • Experts and opinion leaders

Mobility sector

Travel, attendance levels

  • Departure/Destination studies
  • Attendance level studies
  • Traffic studies
  • Fraud studies
  • Mobilities studies
Quality of service
  • Customer satisfaction barometers
  • Mystery clients and phone calls
  • Compliance measures

Ad hoc studies

  • Pricing offer studies
  • Service offer studies
  • Studies related to the behaviour of customers, travellers and inhabitants
  • Communication-related studies